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When does your computer need repairs?

  • Running Slow

  • Strange Sounds

  • Freezing

  • Websites not going where you expect

  • Out of space

  • Accessories not working properly

  • Not connecting to the internet

We also sell some computer-related products such as printers, and desktops; reach out to us for consultation as we provide some of the top brands in the industry including Dell, HP, Acer, and so on.

Onsite Services

Why haul your computer down to a service outlet and wait up to two weeks to have it serviced when you can have it fixed onsite, in your home or business, at your convenience?

Professional Service At Your Door

LIT Computer Solutions takes pride in offering top quality in home computer service and repair. Our educated and experienced technicians seldom come across a problem that cannot be resolved on the spot, and even tricky hardware faults can usually be resolved in the same call.

Want more out of your PC?

For those looking to learn more about their computers, LIT Computers also offers one-on-one instruction. Whether it’s your first time turning a computer on or there’s something specific you’d like to know, such as Cloud Computing or Microsoft Office 365, we’ll have an expert computer technician available to teach you

Free Pickup and Delivery

If your computer needs in-house repairs, our mobile services include pickup and delivery in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Travel fees may apply, including out-of-town charges. Please contact us for residential and commercial pricing.